The easiest way to create a project with Project Online is to click on the ‘New’ option under the Project tab on the Project Online homepage. Once you click on the New option, we can select the project type to create the projects.

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An Enterprise Project is a type of project that includes enterprise project type phases, workflows, and project detail pages.

For example; Enterprise Project type is a type of project that is compatible with separate departments, such as sales-marketing projects, IT projects, or HR projects.

When we click on the Enterprise Project, we get a page like below, and we can create it by filling in these fields and clicking on the ‘Finish’ option.


After our project is created, we can display all the information about our project on the project detail page, we can make changes on some fields.

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On the Schedule page, creating a project plan, setting up a team, assigning a task to the person concerned are can be done.