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    Creating Resources with Project Online

    To create a new resource with Project Online, we enter the ‘Resource Center’ section from the menu. The resources are divided into 3 parts, which…

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    Create and manage up to 30,000 projects in Project Online.

    In the past, Project Online only allowed for 5,000 projects. Today, that increases six-fold, enabling us to create and manage up to 30,000 projects in…

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    Project Management With Ms Project 2016

    The planning processes of enterprise-scale firms can be challenging the size of the work done. Work, time and cost management; Based on the size of…

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    Office 365 PPM

    Microsoft Office 365 PPM can help increase visibility into project performance and improve project management performance. The costs and benefits for a composite organization of…

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    Overview of 2016

    2016 Overview What a year passed quickly. When we look back, we see that we have left behind a busy working year. Events we participated…

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    Are You Ready For a PPM Tool?

    So you want to buy a PPM (Project Portfolio Management) tool? But are you ready? PPM and EPM tools can provide significant benefits, but without…

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    Project Portfolio Management

    We are pleased to be sponsoring the PPM Conference in Beirut, Lebanon on 23&24 February 2017.

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    Reach Your Projects Any Time!