We are delivering Workshop at PM Summit İstanbul 2017

Portfolio Management: Selecting Right Projects and Utilizing Project Online as a PPM tool to Manage Portfolio

Portfolio management has become more important as companies fail to accomplish its project with success due to misalignment between business strategies and project management. Many companies face this problem of missing link of business strategies and project management. Alignment is necessary for getting competitive advantage. It’s top management and PMO teams’ responsibility to build and maintain portfolio management processes.

PMI’s “2012 Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: Portfolio Management” delves deeper into this topic, focusing on how it affects organizational success. This report found that 62 percent of projects at organizations that described themselves as highly effective in portfolio management met or exceeded expected ROI.

During this session, we will explore how to leverage Microsoft Project Online to ensure your project Portfolio is aligned to your organizations’ strategic goals; how you can streamline the intake and approval process for new ideas/projects. We’ll see how to create different portfolio scenarios to determine the optimal combination of project proposals that are contributing the business goals considering budget and resource constraints within your organization.

Microsoft PPM helps standardize processes for collecting and evaluating project ideas, helping management to select projects that are aligned with business goals.

Through a series of group exercises based on a real life case studies, participants will learn and practice techniques to collect and select project ideas and realize strategic business objectives by using Microsoft Project Online.


Following concepts will be covered:


How to collect ideas/demands from all organization easily.

Strategic alignment

Compare project ideas against business objectives to evaluate competing requests, eliminate misaligned initiatives, and streamline project initiation. At the same time consider dependencies between projects.

Portfolio optimization

Run optimization scenarios based on specific factors, like budget and resource requirements, to select a portfolio of projects that delivers the most value.



  1. Understanding the basics of portfolio management
  2. Practice demand capturing, project selection, prioritization and balancing techniques
  3. Interactive user experience of Microsoft Project Online


Our workshop will be delivered 16 th of September in Boğaziçi University / İstanbul

This session is designed to be interactive.

Participants are required to bring their own laptops to participate in the exercises.

Project Online environment will be provided.

Wi-Fi internet connection will be provided.


Our workshop is limited to 15 people.


You can get help from the following link to join the summit. You must register at the PMI registration desk to attend the workshop.